Conventional wisdom says that Brexit will definitely happen.  And it is most often said by those who least want it to occur.  Any number of seemingly sensible MPs sagely advise those listening that Brexit is certain.  Political commentators and even the leaders in the Guardian reaffirm this apparent inevitability.  Those who don’t conform to this now commonly accepted view are seen as living in cloud cuckoo land - extreme or delusional. 

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We received 279 responses to the survey.  The email was sent to 4,923 supporters.  1454 opened the email (27.4%).  5.7% of all supporters completed the survey and 19.2% of those who opened the email completed the survey.

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A Little Orphan Annie for Brexit

A new year and it is a big year if we are to stop Brexit.  As we wrestle with how to engage with the unengageable, Madeleina Kay from Sheffield aka EU Supergirl has few doubts about the solution.  She tells stories, draws cartoons, sings songs and creates EU adventures for herself and for us all.  She makes the EU fun while never losing sight of her goal.




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Fighting Brexit can't just be about returning to the way things were

If a week is a long time in politics, the last few feel like a lifetime. Just a month ago it seemed as though the UK was careering towards a crash and burn Brexit, the hard Brexiters firmly at the wheel, still deaf to concerns over the border with Ireland, the rights of citizens or the damage to our environment and economy. Now all of a sudden it look seems as though the fevered dreams of the hard-Leave leaders have run into reality.

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Remainers need to start listening

Yesterday, as with most Saturdays, Bristol for Europe were out in the city, signing up supporters and talking to the myriad of individuals who wandered past our two vibrant stalls on College Green. 


And as per usual, the majority of those we spoke to were either wholeheartedly supportive or entirely nonchalant, with the occasional strange glance. However, there are often one or two individuals who have something more confrontational and less supportive to say.


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Another nice mess

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” (Oliver Hardy)

Sounds familiar? Did any of us realise just how difficult, how complicated and how potentially damaging Brexit is turning out to be?

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Brexit - it's just a mess

Everywhere you look in the British political landscape you see paralysis and disorder.  This is not a favourable setting for the UK to exit the EU, with our weak leadership and a hopeless negotiating position.


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The first Annual General Meeting of Bristol for Europe was held at the YHA, Bristol on Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Andy Brown delivered his Chair's annual report and the former mayor of Bristol George Ferguson addressed the meeting after the formal business was completed.

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Last Saturday I was out on the streets of Bristol with my friends campaigning to remain in the EU, as we do most weekends. It was a crisp autumn day in Stokes Croft, and we were squashed into a narrow space in front of Hamilton House. Lots of people were keen to sign up.  I noticed a mature woman, hovering behind them, listening to conversations.  Her body language showed her irritation. She approached me with an accusatory tone:

 “You are a Remainer!”

 I said “yes”

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The incredible lies of the Brexit utopia

From claiming there will be no chance that planes will be grounded after Brexit to boldly announcing that the Irish border is “not going to change” regardless of the deal that will emerge in the Spring of 2019, transport secretary Chris Grayling certainly makes some bold statements.

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