It's crunch time on Brexit: our politicians will vote on the deal in the next few weeks and we think that the people should get a final say. Some politicians agree but we need our Bristol MPs to back the People's Vote in parliament.

Here is what you can do to help our campaign:

#1 Write to your MP

A handwritten letter is the clearest way to show that you care about the issue enough to spend time writing to your MP. It's easy to follow our letter writing guidelines which explain some of the key issues.

Throw a Letter Writing Party

We all know other people who think Brexit is a disaster. Invite your friends and neighbours round for dinner and write letters to your MP together. Let us know and we'll send you our handy letter writing party guide.

#2 Campaign in person

We're getting a really positive response on the streets but we just don't have enough volunteers on our stalls to speak to everyone. We run street stalls every Saturday and are organising extra ones during the week at the moment.

  • See the Events page for upcoming street stalls.


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