Brexit is in its all together

It is received wisdom that the decision made by the electorate in the EU referendum is final and must be respected at all costs.  Not to do so would undermine our democracy.  Even an ardent pro-European like Chuka Umunna asserts that the will of the people must be respected.  Our new prime minister famously promises “Brexit means Brexit”.
Those are the public positions of politicians, but many parliamentarians will be quietly thinking to themselves - if Brexit means leaving the EU, then is it actually possible to do it?  This is because there are a series of intractable, practical and political dichotomies that they face.
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Our Endeavour

We all know the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

It was in this spirit that, having taken in the tone of both the official campaigns, everyday people on both sides of the argument took to the streets of their neighbourhoods to convince their fellow citizens of how they should vote on June 23rd.

On June 24th however, one side of the argument was busy celebrating their victory, while the other side was left worrying about their future, that of the generations to come, the political stability of their continent and their national identity.

As the social, economic and political shockwaves started to settle over a very much divided United Kingdom, each day that passed set a new political precedent. Ultimately, the pursuit of the control that this nation so marginally craved resulted in a new cabinet, appointed by a leader who was elected by none of the electorate.

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