Bristol For Europe

Stopping Brexit at all costs

Bristol for Europe is a cross-party, collaborative and pro-EU political pressure group working to keep Bristol and the UK at the heart of Europe.


Our Mission

Bristol for Europe is a grassroots, cross party group operating within Bristol, dedicated to remaining in the European Union, as we as a city voted 62% to remain.

We believe:DSCN1957.JPG

  • In the principle of Parliamentary democracy and the rule of law

  • That it is greatly in the UK’s political, economic and social interests to remain part of the most progressive and democratic regional intergovernmental organisation in history

  • That young people and future generations of British citizens should have the best possible prospects for their education and their careers as citizens of a free and united Europe

  • That British society will continue to prosper from the close interaction and exchange of goods, ideas and culture that we have with the rest of the EU member states

  • That the EU embodies the values that we recognise as British values, including democracy, justice, tolerance, collaboration, human rights and the rule of law

  • That the EU does have minor imperfections, but reform is only possible from within

  • Upcoming events

    Sunday, October 01, 2017 at 07:15 AM · £19.50 GBP

    The Manchester Rally on 1st October 2017


    Bristol for Europe is organising coaches to the #StopBrexit national march in Manchester outside the Conservative party conference on Sunday October 1st. We will depart from Stoke Road on the Downs at 7:15am and leave Manchester at 4:15pm. Please bring any flags, banners, placards etc that you have and come and meet some like minded people to spread the European message where it's needed the most!  Tickets £19.50

    Please book early.  It's the only way can know if there is demand for a second coach.

    Book via Eventbrite


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