Bristol for Europe is a cross-party, collaborative and pro-EU political pressure group working to keep Bristol and the UK at the heart of Europe and to stop Brexit.

We are one of over 40 similar organisations in the UK affiliated to Britain for Europe.

In the 2017 General Election we played an important part in defeating a pro-Brexit MP in Bristol North West constituency and in the election of a strongly pro-EU MP.

We have held rallies, speaker events and through our weekly street stalls have recruited many thousands of supporters in Bristol.


Our Mission

Bristol for Europe is a grassroots, cross party group operating within Bristol, dedicated to remaining in the European Union, as we as a city voted 62% to remain.  We are playing our part in stopping Brexit.



Photo Steve Bell


We believe:

  • That it is greatly in the UK’s political, economic and social interests to remain part of the most progressive and democratic regional intergovernmental organisation in history

  • That young people and future generations of British citizens should have the best possible prospects for their education and their careers as citizens of a free and united Europe

  • That British society will continue to prosper from the close interaction and exchange of goods, ideas and culture that we have with the rest of the EU member states

  • That the EU embodies the values that we recognise as British values, including democracy, justice, tolerance, collaboration, human rights and the rule of law

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    Our visit to Brussels 19-21 March

    A party of twenty six pro-Eu campaigners descended upon the European Commission on Monday 19th March 2018.  There were thirteen of us from Bristol and thirteen from Bath.  Here we were at the entrance to the Commission building.
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    Bristol's voice is being ignored in the rush to Brexit

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about the inadequacy of the Government’s so-called Brexit impact studies. But some much more substantial research has also been attracting media attention -  the economic assessments carried out by the Treasury on the likely impact of our exit from the EU. The results of these impartial assessments do not make happy reading, particularly for those parts of the UK with the strongest “Leave” vote. All parts of the UK will grow more slowly outside the EU than in – and that includes Bristol and the West of England. In the referendum our city voted 62 per cent to stay in the EU, partly because so much of our economy relies on the jobs, training and apprenticeships provided by trans-European businesses such as BAe Systems, Airbus and Rolls-Royce, alongside the vital research and employment opportunities at our world-class universities the University of Bristol and University of the West of England, allied to our NHS Trusts based at Southmead and the BRI.
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