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Bristol for Europe is a politically non-aligned, cross-party, collaborative group campaigning to stop Brexit and ensure the UK plays a leading role at the heart of the European Union and works with other members to champion human rights, peace, prosperity and respect for the environment at home and around the globe.

Over 5,000 people have signed up as a supporters at our stalls in Bristol since formation.

The organisation was formed in August 2016 following several spontaneous protest meetings on College Green opposing Brexit. Proud of our diverse city’s overwhelming support for the EU, we hope to secure a chance to decide democratically between continued UK membership and a clearly defined alternative, and meanwhile celebrate our shared culture and defend the environmental and political achievements of the European project, including every freedom of movement within the European Economic Area and the right of UK and other EU citizens to make their home among other member nations.

We are an unincorporated associated managed by its members and for its members accordance with its ConstitutionBristol for Europe is affiliated to Britain for Europe. 


  1. eu_flag_map.pngBristol for Europe believes that the people of these islands share with those who live on the wider continent and the world beyond common, fundamental and irrepressible rights, needs and aspirations.

  2. We believe that the shared cultural, historical and humanist inheritance of the people of Europe should ensure we continue to transcend our ancient divisions in order to forge a common destiny whilst respecting individual identities and the heritages of particular communities.

  3. We believe that Europeans and the institutions of our governance should act together as global champions of the self-evident values of liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and a respect for both human rights and our environment.

  4. We believe that citizens of the United Kingdom share a distinct responsibly and are uniquely placed to contribute to these aims, and that we will all benefit immeasurably from the enthusiastic and leading participation of the UK in the European movement and its pursuit and protection of pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and solidarity.

  5. We are proud that Bristol chose to remain members of the community of Europe with an enthusiasm that reflects the remarkable character of our city, and feel obliged to share and espouse the joy and wellbeing that our values and fortunes have brought us.

  6. We believe that the great political priority of our time must be to secure the continued membership of the UK in the European Union, and thereby guarantee a more peaceful, successful, inclusive, safe, equal, prosperous continent and global community.

  7. We believe that the recent referendum on the EU did not provide a reasonable choice between two comprehensive visions of our future, and that it was recklessly imposed on communities facing many different and complex problems, creating and exacerbating division.

  8. We believe that everyone in the UK should be offered the chance to decide democratically between continued membership of the EU and any terms of a UK exit that the government can present after it has exhausted its options through negotiation with our European partners.

  9. We believe that irrespective of the question of EU membership the UK government should be obliged to guarantee the environmental and political achievements of the European project, including the continued free movement of persons, goods, services and capital within the European Economic Area and the right of EU and UK citizens to make their home among other member nations.

  10. We aim to continue to champion these aims and celebrate our shared culture in dialogue with the community of Bristol, those in the surrounding area, local and national government as well as within the EU itself, and to build alliances with fellow Europeans across these islands, the continent and beyond, irrespective of the unfathomable developments that are concealed within our common and daunting future.

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