A hung parliament - what next?

So we now have a hung parliament, thanks in no small way to the campaign on tactical voting in the run up to the election. Unfortunately the Labour Party do not seem to realise that many votes cast for their candidates were not a vote for them but against the Conservatives and their policy to proceed with a hard brexit. If Labour now see this as a mandate to forge ahead with soft, or indeed any Brexit plans, they are very much mistaken. Their rise in seats is partly as a consequence of the enormous number of Remainers who voted tactically for candidates they would not normally support. 

peopledontknow.jpgThey now have an opportunity to distance themselves from Mrs May’s lack of judgment but they need to be made aware that they will not continue to have our support while they aid and abet the Conservative Party. To this end a group of us have compiled some example letters and spreadsheets with contact details of all new MPs. We are initially concentrating on contacting all Labour MPs to make them aware of of views.

On the Parliament website it states "You should always contact your local MP first to raise an issue at Parliament. However, if your campaign is of general or national importance, you could also contact other MPs who may be interested in supporting you."

I hope the list of example letters will inspire you to write your own and start emailing. Please use the links below to access the files:


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