Tactical voting guide for Bristol area

Bristol for Europe is a pro-European cross-party campaign group recommending tactical voting in the Bristol area.

We need to stop try and stop Theresa May winning a large majority which she will claim justifies her plans for Hard Brexit. We need to elect the most pro-European MPs we can. Tactical voting means putting aside concerns over parties or leaders, and voting for candidates we think have the best chance of winning in a particular constituency.

All tactical voting is a gamble. All you can do is look at the past records and current trends and make a recommendation. These are our suggestions for the Bristol area.


Bristol NW – Vote Labour (Darren Jones)

Bristol North West voted Remain, but has a hard Leave Conservative MP called Charlotte Leslie. The best chance to get rid of her seems to be Labour's Darren Jones who is pro-Europe.

Bristol East – Vote Labour (Kerry McCarthy)

Bristol East has a pro-European Labour MP called Kerry McCarthy. The Conservatives could win this seat, and we need to try and stop them. Greens and LibDems will not win.

Bristol South – Vote Labour (Karin Smyth)

Bristol South has a labour MP called Karin Smyth. She has quite a big UKIP vote in her seat. The Conservatives could win it. Her party is more pro-European than the Conservatives and the Greens and Lib Dems are unlikely to win it.

Bristol West – Vote GreenLabour or Liberal Democrat.

Bristol West is lucky to have a three way fight between the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Labour. All three can win. Both Greens and Lib Dems are pro-Europe and have offered a ratification referendum on whatever deal is agreed. The sitting Labour MP is pro-Europe and resigned her post as party whip to vote against Article 50.

Bath – Vote Liberal Democrat (Wera Hobhouse)

In Bath the Liberal Democrats are the main opposition, and they topped the recent Metro Mayor elections. They have a good chance of winning. Greens and Labour will be very unlikely to win here.

Thornbury and Yate – Vote Liberal Democrat (Claire Young)

Similar situation as Bath. Good chance for Liberal Democrat victory.

Areas not listed

Bristol for Europe does not have any specific recommendations for areas not listed, but please check Tactical 2017 or the Progressive Alliance for tactical voting help with your constituency.


If you are a student  and unsure where to vote from, you can compare your two postcodes at GE2017.com students to see where your vote counts most. 

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