What can I do to make a difference?

Many of us have been left wondering what we can do following the devastating result of the referendum. There are many ways to demonstrate our frustration and opposition, for example, a lot of us have been to rallies and marches, but what can we do as individuals, on a daily basis, to keep the pressure on those elected to represent us to listen to the voices of the Remainers?

On the Parliament website it states "You should always contact your local MP first to raise an issue at Parliament. However, if your campaign is of general or national importance, you could also contact other MPs who may be interested in supporting you."

peopledontknow.jpgSo there is a way; write to your MP. But don’t just write to your own MP, write to all of them – and the MEPs and members of the House of Lords as well. Let’s jam their inboxes so full they cannot keep ignoring us. This is something everyone can do and every single email counts. A group of friends in the UK and Spain composed letters and compiled lists of email addresses. The point of this blog is to share this information with you so that you can do the same. Letters are being updated as circumstances change. We hope the list of example letters will inspire you to write your own and start emailing. Please use the links below to access the files:


NB. Only 6 emails a day can be sent to the contactholmember addresses for the House of Lords or they delete them, emails to private addresses have no limit.


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